Wonderful review of “in defense”: Wall Street Journal

A review by Philip Delves Broughton in the May 10, 2018 Wall Street Journal is lengthy, thoughtful and “gets it”.  I’ll post 3 small sections of that review as it well describes parts of the content of “In defense of troublemakers..”

“.. don’t ever preface your opposition to a proposal by saying: “Just to play devil’s advocate . . .” If you disagree with something, just say it and hold your ground until you’re convinced otherwise. There are many such useful ideas in Charlan Nemeth’s “In Defense of Troublemakers,” her study of dissent in life and the workplace.

But if this one alone takes hold, it could transform millions of meetings, doing away with all those mushy, consensus-driven hours wasted by people too scared of disagreement or power to speak truth to gibberish. Not only would better decisions get made, but the process of making them would vastly improve.