Persuasion Related

1. The Principles of Persuasion

In this module, we consider how to get people to say “yes” to you. Five different principles of persuasion are developed and illustrated both by ad campaigns and by numerous examples of sales techniques that utilize these principles. Participants then engage in a role playing exercise using these principles and view footage that is analyzed in terms of the techniques that are utilized

Audience: Middle Management

2. Persuasion from a Position of Low Power

This module considers the special case where an individual who holds a a unique or minority viewpoint attempts to persuade others or his/her bosses to that position. Not having the resources or power to persuade directly, there is an “art” to the persuasion in this circumstance and much depends on the persuasive “style” (the verbal and nonverbal “choreography”). Differing persuasive styles will be discussed and illustrated by film and role playing.

Audience: Emerging Leaders and Middle Management

3. Women and Persuasion

This module will concentrate on the art of persuasion and the fact that women use different persuasive styles than do men. By role playing exercises, participants can reflect on the type of persuasive style they most use. By then discussing the research on the persuasive styles and the likely impact, many will recognize that they underutilize the most effective modes of persuasion. Through role laying exercises, the participants will experience the usage of persuasive styles they might otherwise not use. The aim is to expand the range of styles comfortable to women and a consideration of what best “fits” the given individual

Audience: Females of all levels, especially middle management